Hello, I'm Keeks. This came about from a mix of sorts. I love creating clothes and accessories for my daughter; I'm a foodie at heart who loves to get creative in the kitchen; and I'm passionate about helping children in need. That's why 15% of each order gets donated toward a charity or cause such as World Vision; Save the Children; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Ronald McDonald House Charities and more.

I take pride in packing my daughter cute/fun/interesting, but healthy-ish lunches (I'm a realist and far from perfect!). Though I like to think that I try and keep a healthy diet, I fully admit that I have the biggest sweet tooth! One of the things I especially enjoy is when others enjoy things I've made or discovered, whether it's food, clothes or accessories. This shop is inspired by my daughter and all things cute, as well as a *sprinkle* of yummy food and treats!

Stay groovy! 

- Kiki / Keeks